Jagged array initialization in C# vs Java

These days I’ve been brushing up Data Structure fundamentals and algorithms on leetcode. Today while doing this graph problem, I ran into some interesting errors while trying to initialize some array of arrays in C#.

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Byebye Dreamhost & Hello AWS

Today is the day I say farewell to Dreamhost and hello to AWS.

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Install and run MongoDB on macOS

Recently, I ran into an error trying to run mongodb locally on my mac. Error said cannot connect to the local server.

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A sweet short Angular Cli starter kit

As the title suggests, this post will be short and sweet to get your local angular project built and running.

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MacOS update broke Xcode Command Line Tool

Once again, the good old Xcode Command Line Tool on my machine disappeared(broke?) after a recent MacOS update to Mojave.

Somehow, xcode-select --install quit working because the software “is not currently available from the Software Update server”.

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Python app down on Dreamhost

Last night, right before bed I decided to check out my websites hosted on Dreamhost real quick. (Bad idea, don’t do it right before bed.) To my surprise, instead of cute pics of my dog, I saw a fugly page with a stack trace I’ve never seen before.

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What to do when .gitignore is not ignoring files

Have you ever added new files/paths into your .gitignore and couldn’t figure out why git is still tracking the supposed-to-be-ignored files/paths when you push your code? Well, I have, and here’s why and what to do.

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Jackson ObjectMapper to pretty print Json string

A couple weeks ago I used the Jackson ObjectMapper to convert an object into Json string to put in an email, like so:

ObjectMapper objectMapper = new ObjectMapper()
String jsonStr = objectMapper.writeValueAsString(myObject)

While it did work turning the object into a Json string, it looked like this in the email:

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Configure Tomcat with Spring Tool Suite on Mac

Earlier today when I resumed to work on a SpringMVC project, the local Tomcat server in Spring Tool Suite (aka. Spring STS) refused to start up AGAIN. Since I’ve had similar issues in the past and had gone through lots of trouble to make it work again, it’s only wise to write a post on how to (re)configure Tomcat in Spring STS on a Mac, to save some time in the future for me or anyone who’s reading this post.

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Custom subdomain for your Github project pages site

I recently built my technical blog via Github Pages. Since I have my personal website at yaowangdev.com, I wanted to give my technical blog a custom domain as blog.yaowangdev.com.

Because it’s a project pages site instead of a user pages site

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