Custom subdomain for your Github project pages site

July 23, 2017
Tags: » github » github pages » dreamhost

I recently built my technical blog via Github Pages. Since I have my personal website at, I wanted to give my technical blog a custom domain as

Because it’s a project pages site instead of a user pages site (see differences here), and the custom domain I wanted is a subdomain of a root domain that is fully hosted on Dreamhost, I ran into some confusions while trying to make it work. I figured I’d write a post to save some head scratches and face pulling for those that are in the same situation.

If you haven’t read Github’s documentation on using custom domains, I suggest you read it first to get a general understanding. In my case, I wanted to set up a custom subdomain Here’s what I did that made it work:

Note that before the DNS finishes its propagation, on your Github Pages settings you will see a warning stating that your site’s DNS settings are using a custom subdomain that’s set up as an A record, and to change this to a CNAME - even though you did add the subdomain as a CNAME record. This warning will go away and your site will be up and running with the custom domain once your DNS is propagated. Enjoy!

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